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VGA640x480 GPS With Video Action Digital Video Camera - for Sports, Car and Bike Event record, Personal Security, Illumination, any outdoor activity

  • Model No.:DVR-C300W
  • Certification:CE ,FCC ,RoHS2002/95/EC
  • Made in:Taiwan
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DVR 300W GPS Drive Recorder for car


  • Height(cm):20
  • Weight(kg):1.5
  • Length(cm):21
  • Width(cm):20

Key Features

The Best Choice of 640x480 VGA GPS with Digital Video Camera Recorder (Action DV)


  1. Record GPS track & vehicle speed simultaneously.
  2. Embedded lithium battery for up to 4 hrs. of continuous recording.
  3. Start recording once the vehicle is ignited, and will continue in recording even after vehicle turned off .
  4. Over-write recording.
  5. 2G memory card for 6-9 hrs of recording.
  6. Luminous flux lance for quality
  7. Night-view recording.
  8. User friendly for easy operation.
  9. Map will move along with GPS track when playing the recording.

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