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VGA640x480 GPS With Video Action Digital Video Camera - for Sports, Car and Bike Event record, Personal Security, Illumination, any outdoor activity

  • Model No.:DVR-CG600
  • Certification:FCC ,RoHS2002/95/EC ,CE
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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DVR 600W GPS Drive Recorder for car


  • Height(cm):20
  • Weight(kg):1.5
  • Length(cm):21
  • Width(cm):20

Key Features

The Best Choice of 640x480 VGA GPS with Digital Video Camera Recorder (Action DV)


  1. Record GPS track & vehicle speed simultaneously.
  2. Embedded lithium battery for up to 4 hrs. of continuous recording.
  3. Start recording once the vehicle is ignited, and will continue in recording even after vehicle turned off .
  4. Over-write recording.
  5. 2G memory card for 6-9 hrs of recording.
  6. Luminous flux lance for quality
  7. Night-view recording.
  8. User friendly for easy operation.
  9. Map will move along with GPS track when playing the recording.

Main Export Market

Africa ,Asia ,Central America ,Europe ,Middle East ,North America

Product Certification: