HD 1280 x 720 Resolution (720p) Action Digital Video Camera, for Sports, Car and Bike Event record, Personal Security, Illumination, any outdoor activity

Model No.
Action Camera DVR-CX8
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    Active camera DVR

    Key Features

    The Best Choice of HD (1280x720, Outdoor Digital Video Camera Recorder (Action DV):

    1. HD Resolution (1280 x 720).
    2. 5 Megapixel Snopshot.
    3. 147 Super wide angle lens.
    4. Day/Night Crystal Image.
    5. 2.5" LCD Monitor.
    6. Independence Mute Key.
    7. AV-IN/AV-OUT Supported.
    8. Built-In Floating-point.
    9. Mechanism to adjust.
    10. Exposure-Value (EV).

    Product Certification