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GPS/GPRS (RF option) Criminal Tracker Alert system

  • Model No.:PT3000
  • Made in:Taiwan
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GPS tracker can locate a criminal

Key Features

PT3000 is the smallest and the most powerful Ankle tracker. It is water proof and vibration proof. Using highly sensitive GPS module and Quad-band GSM/GPRS module, it performs tracking and security monitoring for all personnel, offenders in all over the world. It is tamper-proof to use optical fiber in the strap to detect strap cutting and removing. It is absolutely impossible to use any fake connection to remove the strap. When the offender is entering or leaving the area of the home base unit, the PT3000 will report to the server automatically by GPRS or SMS. This approach can provide double monitoring of the offender. At the same time, the control center will also know who/when/where, which will be more easily to control these offenders.
PT3000 uses rechargeable batteries. The user needs to change the battery using charger by sitting close to the electrical outlet. It is also with plug-in alert, unplug alert, low battery alert. It uses USB cable to the computer to do the configuration and download the firmware. It has option to send back cell tower info. 
The smart design of the ankle unit PT3000 with reliable tamper proof makes this device especially good for offenders, elderly people, Alzheimer patients, etc. The waterproof ness is IP-67. It can meet all the high standard, reliability, and quality requirements.

1. Receives and records GPS latitude and longitude coordinates once 30 seconds.
2. GPS and GSM dual positioning functions.
3. Embedded GSM and GPS antenna.
4. Automatic reporting based on the time interval setting using GPRS or SMS.
5. Immediate Agency Notifications via Customizable Agency Protocols, Text, Email, Etc.
6. Store & forward function to save all the reports when the GPRS is not available and send back to the server automatically when the GPRS is reconnected.
7. Geofence reporting to be set from the internet.
8. The most reliable optical fiber in the strap for the tamper proof to avoid cutting and removing of the strap.
9. Adjustable strap to allow the officer to adjust the correct length of strap for the offender without cutting the strap.
10. Motion sensor to detect any movement under impact detection mode.
11. The micro USB on PT3000 is for charging, computer configuration, and downloading the firmware.
12. There are plug-in alert, unplug alert, and low battery alert on PT3000.
13. Super sensitivity GPS module
14. Quad-band GSM/GPRS module.
15. GPS/GSM Signal Loss Active Tracking
16. Low battery LED indicator, vibrator warning, and reporting to the control center.
17. There are 4 optional LED lights to know the device status.
18. IP-67 Waterproof mess and vibration proof mess.
19. The USB charger is in the accessory.

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